Information Security Software

StegoTime: Information Security Software

StegoTime is a new Information Security Software. It is considered as the first Information Security Software of its type. It can reliably and securely store sensitive and confidential data (Secret File) using the two main concepts of cryptography, namely: Encryption and Steganography. In addition, it applies efficient compression schemes on the Secret File to reduce it size and, consequently, enhance image steganization capacity, as well as add extra security.

StegoTime alleviates the exponentially growing concerns about the security and confidentiality of stored data being disclosed to, modified, or accessed by, physical or logical unauthorized users, intruders, or adversaries. With StegoTime you can be sure that no one can disclose, modify, or access your Secret Files apart from you and through your authorized copy of StegoTime.

StegoTime can steganize (hide) any Secret File regardless of its size and type (e.g., doc, docs, exe, txt, bmp, jpg, ico, xls, com, lib, dll, etc.) into a Cover Image of any of the following six image file formats: bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, ico, gif., to produce a Stego Image of the same name as the Secret File and bmp image file format (e.g., if the Secret File name is Test.txt, the Stego Image name is then Test.bmp). StegoTime automatically resize and convert the format of the selected Cover Image to accommodate the Secret File.

If the size of the Cover Image file required is more than the size of the selected Cover Image, it splits the Secret File into a number of Cover Images producing more than one Stego Images. In this case, each Stego Image has the same name as the Secret File appended to it four digits, the first two digits represent the sequence of the Stego Image. The second two digits represent the total number of Stego Images required to hide the Secret File. For example, assume a Secret File Test.doc requires three Cover Images, then StegoTime produces three Stego Images, these are: Test0103.bmp, Test0203.bmp, and Test0303.bmp. One important thing to remember that is StegoTime deletes the Secret File after completing the steganization process. All of the above processes performed transparently without user intervention.

StegoTime can desteganize (retrieve) the Secret File back from its Stego Image and giving it the same original name and extension. In case of multi Stego Images, StegoTime uses the first Stego Image to define other Stego Images and retrieve full Secret File transparently without user intervention. StegoTime keeps the Stego Images after completion of the desteganization process. So that, you can either re-steganize the Secret File again after you introduce any modification in it, or just delete it and you can use the same Stego Image(s) to retrieve the Secret File back for future use.

StegoTime is developed with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to ensure ease-of-use and provide interactivity with the user. It requires only few clicks and your Secret File is securely hidden and deleted from your computer or retrieved back with 100% accuracy.

StegoTime is of great importance to government offices; national security agencies, military forces, police departments; business enterprises; financial and commercial bodies; personnel, and by all those who may have some concerns about the security and confidentiality of their Secret Data to be disclosed to, modified, or accessed by physical or logical unauthorized users, intruders, or adversaries.

Using StegoTime

In order to activate your copy of StegoTime, you need to have a valid 32-Digit Passcode. You can request a subscribed 32-Digit Passcode or request a trial version Passcode for limited period of time. In any case you should provide Email Address that you can access, where you will receive you Passcode.

To activate your copy of StegoTime, click on Activate LinkedLabel on the top right of the screen to enter the activation form. If you have a valid 32-Digit Passcode, proceed to activate your copy of StegoTime by entering: Your Email Address, Password, and 32-Digit Passcode, and then click the Activate Button. If the information you have entered are valid, your copy of StegoTime is activated, then you will be prompted with a congratulation message for the activation of your copy, and you will be requested to sign-in with your Email Address and Password.


  1. It accepts different Cover Image formats (e.g., BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, and ICO).
  2. It can hide all types of data files regardless of their format including image files. With StegoTime an image can hide an image.
  3. It re-sizes the Cover Image to accommodate the Secret File(s), and if the size of the Cover Image is more than 3 MB, it fragments the Secret File in as many as required Cover Images and store them with the same Secret File name and bmp image format and indication of the fragment number.

If you after special requirements or customization to the software to meet your working environment and needs, our Support Team is more than happy to listen to your needs, and work hand-in-hand with you to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

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